Un gând despre &8222;Viata din belsug&8221;

  1. The presenter makes a great point about Jesus’ promise to give abundant life here and now. However, when he is demeaning Lady Gaga is a bit off. It is like comparing apples with oranges. Actually, 10 million viewers for an event like the launch of the James Webb telescope is quite a lot. The 2 something billion followers are not viewers of a one-time event involving Gaga. And Gaga contributes in different ways to society, challenging, inspiring, and giving hope. For example: „Her versatility, her creativity, her skill, and her work ethic all make her a standout from her contemporaries — far more than any of her much-publicized outfits. More than anything, though, Gaga is an artist who’s not afraid to fail, and any past failures have only made her stronger.” More: „A pioneer at every step of the way, she rocked the global music industry by constantly reinventing herself, from her evolving style to her power-packed vocals. Her list of innumerable accolades includes 18 VMAs, 12 Grammys, and a Golden Globe Award among countless others.” Even more: „Lady Gaga is an inspiration for so many people worldwide – for her music, for her fashion, for embracing her identity despite the many obstacles she had to face. She gives today’s youth the hope that no matter how bleak things may seem, things will get better.” All these can be used as examples of abundant life experienced here and now, and an expression of the creative and all-conquering human spirit/mind/body.

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